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You will find here a recipe showing how to use an ASUS router (WL-500g Premium) to monitor the output of a CV3F anemometer through an embedded website. Software ressources which are specific to this application can be found here under GPL license. The hardware for this project was kindly made available by the FFV, namely Yann Amice, coordinator of the meteospot project.

Basically, the machine operates as follows:

  1. each and every minute, a crontab starts a script which performs three tasks: (i) translate a few NMEA messages, (ii) feed a rrdtool database and (iii) update some PNG graphs,
  2. a website hosted by the router allows one to view the graphical output of the wind monitoring, using the web browser of a computer connected to the local network; the website also includes a cgi page describing the status of the acquisition system.

You can read more details about the C program which takes care of the messages sent on the serial port by the CV3F (getWind) or directly proceed to the installation of OpenWrt and the CV3F acquisition system; hopefully everything will run smoothly, otherwise you can still have a look at the snapshots I got here...